Joseph Bell Shares New Single ‘Lost Souls’

British singer and songwriter Joseph Bell has just shared his brand new single Lost Souls, a super chill piece of indie/dream-pop with soulful undertones. 
Those sun-soaked guitar plucks in the intro instantly set the tone for a chill, introspective atmosphere on which Joseph Bell's smooth and dynamic vocal delivery is the star. I am very fond of his warm tone and lovely falsetto which beautifully enhances the emotion of his storytelling. Lost Souls is a song about being in a dark place in life, struggling with anxiety and feeling helpless. Many of us can relate to these feelings, especially during this pandemic and I love how perfectly Joseph captures these feelings and experiences through a memorable piece of indietronica music. Apart from his vocals I am very fond of the amazing electric guitar plucks (And solo) that are nicely intertwined with a steady percussion and lush atmospherics that create an overall warm, dreamy atmosphere perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joseph Bell said,
I wrote 'Lost Souls' at the start of this year, after a period where I was feeling pretty down and hadn't written much for a while. I was struggling a little bit with the pandemic and the feeling that life was on hold and I was missing the best parts of my early 20s. I was also worried about what some of my friends were going through and feeling helpless. So I rolled all of that anxiety into one and wrote this song. The first and second sections were written at different times, which I think gives it a nice contrast.