Jordan Michelle Shares New Single ‘Tear Me Down’

American singer and songwriter Jordan Michelle has just shared her brand new single Tear Me Down, a captivating piece of electro-pop music out now via Wayward Son Music. 
Taken from her upcoming debut album Dichotomy of a Pageant Queen, out early 2022, Tear Me Down is a song about surviving struggles, being optimistic that things will get better. This positive message is wrapped around an edgy electro-pop/rock production packed with soaring guitars nicely intertwined with a punchy beat, creating a warm atmosphere for her passionate, confident vocal delivery to soar effortlessly over. I am very fond of the energy and passion of this song and how it instantly gave me a dose of energy and confidence. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jordan Michelle said,
'Tear Me Down' is about surviving struggles with the advice given to me from my grandmother, a Holocaust survivor: 'Optimism in the face of adversity will always lead to the greatest outcome.' I want my fans to know that it's okay to be in the fire, but you can also be pulled out; the discomfort and pain have a purpose, and it's not forever.