Jeremy Voltz Shares New Single ‘Hope You Don’t Feel Alone’

Burned-out mathematician turned indie-soul artist Jeremy Voltz has just shared his brand new single Hope You Don't Feel Alone, the latest single to be taken from his new album, Weekender, out now. 
The Canadian singer-songwriter beautifully showcases his warm tone which is packed with so much soul and emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to his storytelling. Hope You Don't Feel Alone is a super smooth piece of music on which Jeremy's gorgeous vocals flow beautifully over intricate guitar riffs and steady percussion, creating quite a soothing and warm atmosphere. I am also loving the build up with energy and emotion on the bridge with soaring guitar riffs and lovely backing vocals that create a new layer of depth to his storytelling. Overall, this is one of those songs I'd play while home alone with my thoughts, just enjoying a relaxing day and taking in the warmth of his voice and storytelling. Check it out below!