Jackson Dyer Unveils New Single ‘At Ease’

Berlin-based Australian singer-songwriter and producer Jackson Dyer has just shared his brand new single At Ease, a joyful piece of indie/pop music out now via Handpicked Records! 
Taken from Dyer's upcoming EP, At Ease is a song about those early mornings with someone special beside you, when you cherish that moment when it's just you and that person without any outside world influences. This positive, feel-good gem is wrapped around a polished production packed with lush guitar strums nicely paired with steady beat and bright synths that beautifully back his smooth, expressive vocals. I am loving the song's warm, soothing atmosphere and how it sounds perfect for a chill, carefree weekend out in the sun. 
Accompanying the release, Jackson has shared its official music video which has a cool retro vibe that reminds me of those fun, summer holidays out with the ones you love. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jackson Dyer said,
'At Ease’ is a song about mornings at home, when the coffee is freshly brewed and the sun is filtering through the curtains. It’s about those moments of absolute contentment when you wake up with someone special besides you and the day is pure and untouched by the stress and obligations of the outside world. ‘At Ease’ was a calming song for me to produce, almost meditating on the warm optimism of mornings and love.