Iris Gold Shares New Single ‘Lover Of My Own’

London/Copenhagen-based singer and songwriter Iris Gold has just shared her brand new single Lover Of My Own, a self-love anthem out now iva Bay Street Records.

Produced and co-written by award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart, Lover Of My Own is a positive, feel-good pop song about listening to your own needs and nurture your self-love as a way to be able to love others. I adore Iris Gold's timbre and how passionate and rich her vocal delivery sounds over the upbeat production. I am particularly fond of the strings that are nicely paired with intricate guitar riffs and cool rhythms that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that beautifully enhances the message of this uplifting self-love anthem.

Speaking about the song, Iris Gold said,
I’m a natural-born flirt, but I give it all to my audience now, tiger style. I razzle and dazzle then say bye-bye cause I got someone waiting back home, yeah, I got a Lover of My Own. This song is all about self-love. Giving energy to your surroundings is cool, but you gotta listen to your own needs in order to keep giving. Be your own lover sometimes…and love who you wanna love. 

Dave Stewart added,
Iris and I got to talking about her great flirtatious stage presence and how she loves to play with the audience. We then started to write a song about it, and the payoff was the fact that you build the audience/someone to the point of climax and then say, ‘Oops, I gotta go cos I have a boyfriend/girlfriend back home waiting for me.’ We were falling about laughing and in a great mood making this track. I played all the instruments and Iris put down an amazing vocal first take. 

Accompanying the release, Iris Gold shared its captivating music video, directed by Nicolas Tobias Følsgaard, which shows Iris as a princess, dancing and having fun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, Iris comments,

As a black girl singer/rapper, I have often been told I should stick to a particular visual genre. Which sucks cause we are so much more. I see many artists being pigeonholed, but I also see some amazing artists that are free and experiment. I'm one of those. I love fantasy in every sense of the word. As a little girl, I was obsessed with drawing princesses in fairytale dresses. I didn't see many princesses who looked like me growing up, so in this video I could finally fulfill that fantasy.