Haddix Shares New Single ‘Linger’

Canadian singer and songwriter Haddix has just shared her brand new single Linger, an emotionally-charged piece of electro-pop music. 
Her most personal song yet, Linger is a song about how the pain of a breakup seem to stick around, making it hard to get over it. Haddix sings about the long process of healing and how difficult it can be to let some people go. I am loving how beautifully Haddix's vocals convey the emotion of her storytelling, soaring effortlessly over the warm electronic production. I am also very fond of the lush synths, cool driving beat and percussion that allow for both her gorgeous vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Haddix said,
Linger is a song that is very personal to me. This song was written with very personal details of a long-term relationship that ended very abruptly and was very hard to get over. This song is all about the process of healing and how hard it is sometimes to let people go. When someone impacts your life, it’s so hard to forget all the good and move on in life. I think this song is a real representation of what it’s like to try to forget someone you really loved. You may not need them anymore, you may have moved on, but it doesn’t always mean you completely forget them. They changed and impacted your life, so they continue to stick with you for the rest of it.