GRWL Shares New Single ‘Facetime’

Dublin r&b/pop artist GRWL has just shared her sophomore single Facetime, a super chill, bedroom-pop offering. 
I am loving GRWL's soothing, soulful vocals which flow beautifully over relaxing, subdued rhythms. Facetime is a song about long-distance, online relationships where your phone is the only means of communication. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a luxurious r&b/bedroom-pop production packed with hazy atmospherics nicely paired with memorable guitar plucks, steady beat and catchy rhythms that create an overall warm, soothing atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home or for some warm bedroom sessions. Check it out below!



Speaking about the track, GRWL details how the lyrics explore the complexity of relationships in a modern world,
it’s a song about online relationships, missing someone, and only having your phone as the communication piece.