Gebrasy Shares New Single ‘Outta Love’

Lithuanian singer and songwriter Gebrasy has just shared his brand new single Outta Love, a catchy r&b-infused piece of pop music about unwanted attention from people that don't know when to quit. 
I am a fan of Gebrasy's smooth, soulful vocals and how they beautifully connect the listener to his relatable storytelling. Outta Love shares a message of setting boundaries and learning to say no as ways to take back control of our lives. Apart from his expressive vocals, I am very fond of the cool guitar plucks that are nicely paired with a catchy beat that creates an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere which I find quite captivating. Have a listen to this pop/r&b track below!



Speaking about the song, Gebrasy said,

This song can be perceived as an open letter that pokes fun at the people who don't respect other people's boundaries, harassing them in real life and through the means of social media. It can be about an ex that is just not willing to quit after a failed relationship or it can be unwanted attention from an outside source. All in all, this song is about setting those boundaries and learning to say no in many different ways to take back control of your life.