ETAN Shares New Single ‘Hang On To Me’

London-based musician and producer ETAN has just shared her brand new single Hang On To Me, a bright piece of electro pop music about a codependent relationship. 
I am a fan of ETAN's smooth, dreamy vocals which are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to her storytelling. Hang On To Me talks about being so in love with someone that you give up on your dreams and desires for that person, like an addction. This message of codependency is wrapped around a polished electro-pop production packed with retro-tinged, bright synths nicely paired with cool guitar riffs and catchy beat that create an overall hazy, warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, ETAN said,
HOTM is a song I wrote about a loving relationship that is also very co-dependant. Feeling towards your partner are so strong, you end up isolating yourself and giving up on your dreams and desires... it's like an addiction. Funnily enough, I wrote this song before the pandemic and being locked in for months with my partner, as the rest of the world. I felt it was so relevant, and decided to release it.