Eric Punzo Shares New Single ‘Nauseous’

Canadian singer and songwriter Eric Punzo has just shared his brand new single Nauseous, an infectious pop song about struggling with anxiety and uncertainty. 
I am loving Eric Punzo's vocals and how they are packed with so much soul and emotion, instantly drawing my attention to his storytelling. Nauseous is a song about how life can be a rollercoaster, and how sometimes we can make ourselves sick. This is a song about struggling with anxiety and feeling stuck in an inescapable circle. I relate 4000000% to this song as it is exactly what I've been feeling lately and I love how Eric Punzo beautifully captures these feelings in this song. Apart from his powerful vocals, I am particularly fond of the groovy guitar strums and catchy beat that create an overall warm atmosphere for his storytelling to soar. Check it out below!