Elaine Kristal Shares New Single ‘Tested’

Puerto Rican songstress Elaine Kristal has just shared her brand new single Tested, a soulful piece of Contemporary R&B out now via X Records. 
I am loving Elaine Kristal's vocals which are packed with so much soul and emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to her storytelling. Tested is a song about all the bullshit we put up with when it comes to love, being constantly tested by our lover to the point of leaving. It's a song about standing up and realising we're better off alone for the sake of our own mental health. This relatable message is wrapped around a polished R&B production packed with a memorable trap-infused beat and lush piano keys that create the perfect soundscape for her sultry vocals to soar. This song is giving me chill, laid-back vibes but can also be perfect for some sensual, bedroom sessions as her voice is pure sensuality and soul which is enhanced by the warm production. Check it out below!