DJ Mike Klaw Shares New Single ‘WKND’

Fast-rising France-based producer DJ Mike Klaw has just shared his brand new single WKND, a feel good piece of electro-pop music out now via Siki Records Limited. 
I am very fond of the soulful and sultry female vocals which soar beautifully over the upbeat production. Then we are gifted with honeyed male vocals that enhance the touch of soul in the song and create memorable female-male harmonies. WKND is an uptempo, feel-good track that perfectly highlights Mike’s sophisticated production skills that are packed with a slew of catchy melodies and a huge hook that will get stuck to your head in no time. This is one of those songs that instantly gets me in a good mood and ready for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking further on the release, DJ Mike Klaw says,
I had the idea to create a glamorous sound that makes you dance and can be listened to at any time whether it's in a club, at home or with friends. It’s about having a great time.