Dekker Shares New Single ‘Do It All Again’

American singer and songwriter Dekker is back with his brand new single Do It All Again, a memorable indie-folk song out now via Useful Fictions. 
The third single to be taken from his upcoming sophomore album, I Won't Be Your Foe (set to arrive in May 2022), Do it All Again is a wistful and contemplative piece of indie-folk music about the feeling of seeing yourself from outside yourself. This daydream-like experience is beautifully conveyed through Dekker's lovely, expressive vocals and whispered harmonies which flow beautifully warm drum beats nicely paired with intricate guitar riffs that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone with one's thoughts. Quite a soothing piece of music which I think you will enjoy! Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dekker said,

Is this a story I’m telling myself or all together a dream? Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself watching back. It’s startling to see oneself in this way. Almost like someone else’s eyes. ‘Do it All Again’ feels like this to me - as if I am seeing myself from outside myself perhaps for the first time. It’s a dreamscape of where I’ve been and possibly where I’m going...