Darkroom Data Share New Single ‘Fall With You’

Following the release of their gorgeous single Hydrogen, Irish indie electro pop duo Darkroom Data, consisting of Irish vocalist Gillian NoVa and Brazilian composer Márcio Paz, have just shared their brand new single Fall With You, a highly hypnotic piece of indie-electronic music. 
I adore Gillian NoVa's siren-esque, sensual vocals which effortlessly capture the listener's attention to their relatable storytelling. I have this song on repeat and I think you will too. Gillian's vocals flow beautifully over the polished production that instantly got me in a good, relaxed mood, completely surrendered to the beat. Fall With You is an invitation to a dance floor tragedy, where people don't know how they feel, but they want to be there. This song is packed with fat basslines nicely intertwined with warm vintage synths, slap bass and velvet R&B elements that create an overall warm and sensual atmosphere that makes it perfect for steamy bedroom sessions. Check it out below!