Cosmic Crooner Shares New Single ‘Bolero’

Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Cosmic Crooner has just shared his brand new single Bolero, his most romantic and wistful single yet. 
I am loving his gorgeous, expressive vocals which instantly command the listener's attention to his romantic storytelling. Bolero has a 60s vibe that I find quite captivating and I am particularly fond of the lush guitar riffs that are nicely intertwined with cinematic strings, passionate percussion and piano arpeggio, creating an overall warm and timeless appeal that sounds like it belongs in one of those old time movies. I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs in the bridge and how they are nicely paired with the lush, cinematic strings that give the song an ethereal feel. Listening to this song is like going back to a more classic and romantic time and I think you will love it as much as I do. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Cosmic Crooner,
I wanted to create the most romantic song I ever made. Bolero was inspired by 60s French and Italian movies and their scores. Also, Jacques Brel and Roy Orbison were an inspiration while writing the song.