Cooper Phillip Shares New Single ‘Boomerang’

Russian born, Los Angeles based pop-soul singer and songwriter Cooper Phillip has just shared her brand new single Boomerang, a song about taking the time and space to make conscious choices, as your decisions directly affect the quality of your life. 
I am loving Cooper Phillip's rich, soulful vocals which instantly command the listener's attention to her storytelling. The way her vocals glide over the polished production is quite effortless and natural, telling us a story of taking time to think before making life-changing decisions. The Soul/R&B-infused pop production features a captivating beat, lush atmospherics and warm rhythms that create an overall laid-back and intimate atmosphere perfect for a relaxing, introspective day home alone. Accompanying the release, Cooper Phillip shares its captivating official music video, directed by Vadim Apostolov, which beautifully embodies the song's warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Cooper Phillip said,
I learned how to be honest with myself and others. Not telling about real feelings is lying and hurts in the end. Everything comes back. You have to be aware of everything you do and all your conscious choices and responsibilities. Life is a boomerang. You get exactly what you give.