Caius Shares New Single ‘Differences’

Danish electronic music producer Caius has just shared his brand new single Differences, a delicate piece of indie house music, out now via Strange Pack / La Nuit. 
Differences finds the talented producer delivering a new unique blend of classic R&B, Disco and House that instantly got me in a good mood. This song is driven by lush, soulful R&B vocal harmonies layered on top of a moving disco bassline intertwined with lush piano chords, classic funk guitars, warm synthesizers, and housy drums. I am loving the song's infectious groove mostly thanks to the complex percussion, drums and funk bass which makes it hard to not move your head. This is definitely a memorable and enthralling listening experience that sounds perfect to get you looking forward to a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Caius said,
Growing up I was a huge R&B lover, and I’ve always loved the impressive raw vocal talent of many of the 00’s R&B stars, who came from singing soul at the church. In my teens I fell in love with disco and yet again the complexity and talent of these instrumentalists who’s way beyond most popular artists and producers we see today. So I had the idea to try and blend the vocals I loved from R&B with the instrumentation from disco, and ‘Differences’ is what came out of it.