Bryn Shares New Single ‘Making Monsters’

Canadian singer and songwriter Bryn McCutcheon has just shared her brand new single Making Monsters, a catchy electro-pop song out now via pliant mettle records. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Bryn's vocals and how warm and passionate her vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting the listener to her storytelling. Making Monsters is a song about being so committed to your anxiety that you can't see or feel anything else. This is a dive into the depths of her psyche and identity, divulging the complexities of her inner world. Dealing with anxiety can be quite exhausting and I like how Bryn beautifully captures these feelings and messiness that come from it into a memorable piece of music. I am very fond of the cool guitar plucks and how they are nicely paired with a steady beat that creates an overall warm atmosphere perfect for Bryn's vocals to soar. 
Accompanying the release, Bryn shared its official music video, directed by Cindy Da Silva, Luke Doerge, Kirstyn Johnson, which beautifully embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!