BB Cooper Shares New Single ‘Medication’

British singer and songwriter BB Cooper has just shared his brand new single Medication, an alt-pop/rock track out now via CloudKid. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals and how smoothly his vocals flow over the polished production. Medication is a song about the fear of taking medication, imagining how numb it would make him feel if he did take some medication. I understand that many people are fearful to take medication, especially when it comes to mental health issues, as we witness many people being somewhat numb from taking so much medication, and I find that BB Cooper beautifully captures those feelings and fear in this song. His dynamic vocal delivery is wrapped around a captivating blend of alternative, pop, rock and blues elements that make the song quite a fresh and memorable listening experience. I am particularly fond of the distinctive guitar and somewhat dark atmosphere of the song and I think you will really enjoy this one. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, BB Cooper said,
I’ve always been fearful of taking medication because I worry about it severely altering my state of mind, so with this song, I focused on that feeling and wrote it from the perspective of someone who has taken so much medication in their life that they are basically numb to its effects. I worry about it severely altering my state of mind.