Anna Thompson Shares New Single ‘Gone (Love Letters)’

Seattle-based, rising pop artist Anna Thompson has just shared her brand new single Gone (Love Letters), an anthem to those that feel unhappy within their platonic and romantic relationships. 
Out now via Edgy T Records, Gone (Love Letters) beautifully showcases Anna Thompson's powerful, expressive vocals which soar beautifully over the upbeat melodies. Anna's dynamic vocal delivery is definitely the star of this song for me and they are nicely backed by a polished production packed with a catchy bass/cello strings (if not mistaken), lively brass elements and catchy percussion that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. The infectious chorus infuses the song with an anthemic touch that will get you singing along to it in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, Anna shares,
When I was writing Gone, I thought it was merely hypothetical. It took me a few days to realize it was a reflection of my unhappiness in my relationship. My writing brought out what I was too afraid to admit to myself. It was a huge transitional piece to moving forward, and doing what I needed to to be happy.