Anja Kotar Shares ‘Fun For You’ Music Video

San José singer and songwriter Anja Kotar has just shared the official music video for her brand new single Fun For You, a fresh, sunshine pop song, out now via Kotar Music. 
Fun For You is a funky, groove-laden song about the simple annoyance of a friend being on their phone the whole time when you’re with them. I am loving how beautifully Anja Kotar's vocals glide over the upbeat melodies, instantly getting me in a good mood and singing along to it in no time.
Speaking behind the creation of Fun For You, Anja explained:
The origins of this song go way back to 2019 when Noah and Tyler were staying together in Colorado and wrote the chorus of Fun For You for, well, fun. Noah texted me the demo recording of it and I was immediately hooked. We quickly jumped on a Facetime call and co-wrote the rest of the song that day. We've all been in similar situations during hangouts with our friends: hours of staring at phone screens and very little real conversation. We felt it was such a universal, modern problem so each part of the lyrics came from one of our own individual experiences. The song has been tucked away ever since, until one afternoon mere weeks ago when my brother was making dinner and I was telling him about my music plans for 2022. He asked "What about that Fun For You song? That one's really cool" and he convinced me right then and there to release it now.
Accompanying the release, Anja Kotar has shared its official music video, directed by Anja herself, which beautifully embodies the song's upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!