Aevion Shares New Single ‘Loving You’

Aevion, the moniker of London-based producer Harry Andrews, has just shared his brand new single Loving You, a French House-inspired song out now via Headroom Records. 
I am really enjoying this captivating blend of Nu-Disco, Old School House and French House elements that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that oozes carefree summer days. The warm, soulful vocals are quite captivating and infuse the song with a touch of emotion while also making it perfect to sing along to while dancing. I am loving the wave sounds samples that instantly transports me to those sunset parties by the beach during the summer, where everybody is in a good mood and enjoying the beat. There are parts in the song that gives me Daft Punk vibes and I am also very fond of the funky bass, lush Disco strings and hazy synths that enhance the song's feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!