Ace Landauer Shares Debut Single ‘Persephone’

Californian singer and songwriter Ace Landauer makes his music introduction with the release of his debut single Persephone, a warm piece of music out now via Eponymous Records. 
This song is a modern take on the classic Greek myth of Persephone and is sung from Hades' point of view, chronicling the struggles of being in an unhealthy relationship. I am loving Ace Landauer's smooth, expressive vocals which have somewhat of a classic and timeless appeal that instantly makes the song quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. Backing his luscious vocals we have intricate guitar plucks nicely paired with lush strings that enhance the emotion pouring from his vocals. This is one of those songs I'd play while home alone with my thoughts and its warm melodies are quite soothing, making it perfect for a rainy, laid-back day at home. Check it out below!