Abby Sage Shares New Single ‘Space For Me’

LA-via-Toronto singer and songwriter Abby Sage has just shared her brand new single Space For Me, the latest single to be taken from her 6-track debut EP, Fears of Yours & Mine, out now via Nettwerk.
Produced by Jeff Hazin, the EP is an introspective journey about overcoming fear, both personally and with her music. She says,
With some of the past songs that I put out, I always made them and then asked other people’s opinion. But with this project, it’s completely different. It feels like it ’s mine and that takes away the fear.
One of the gems to be taken from this project is Space For Me as it beautifully showcases her gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. I am loving her vocal delivery in this song which gives me Lana Del Rey vibes as its flows smoothly over a chilled out production, yet is packed with so much soul and confidence. Apart from her gorgeous vocals I am very fond of the cool guitar plucks (especially the memorable guitar solo) and catchy beat that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!