Aarika Shares New Single ‘Make a Move’

20-year-old American singer and songwriter Aarika has just shared her sophomore single Make a Move, an upbeat piece of electro-pop music. 
I really like her powerful, sultry vocals which are packed with so much confidence, soaring effortlessly over the dark and mysterious electronic production. Make a Move is tells a story of desperately trying to get someone to notice all the things you do to impress them when they seemingly are blind and oblivious. This relatable story is wrapped around a memorable electro-pop production packed with a killer bass element nicely intertwined with lush synths and catchy percussion that create an overall sultry and mysterious atmosphere with a danceable touch. It's the combination of her gorgeous vocals with the danceable and mysterious electro-pop production that got me excited to share this song with you and I hope you'll love it as much as I am. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Aarika,
Creating this song was quite interesting, I remember one day, out of nowhere, having this melody stuck on repeat in my head. I recorded a voice memo - as I always do, which ended up turning into my chorus. Club music has always influenced me, so one night I heard a euphoric-sounding song. I loved the consistent bass in the background, which inspired me to integrate a bass element in a production of my own. When writing this song, I wanted it to be as if it were a glimpse inside of my mind as I’m going through these intense emotions. When your mind runs through a million different scenarios all at once , it is overwhelming and I wanted to find a way to showcase that feeling of frantically searching for answers, trying to understand if the feelings are reciprocated. Through this writing perspective, I hope that the listeners find it relatable.