William Fitzsimmons Shares New Single ‘Stranded’

American artist William Fitzsimmons has just shared his brand new single Stranded, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming EP, No Promises: The Astronaut's Return, set to arrive on December 10th via Nettwerk Records. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, expressive vocals which instantly captured my attention to his relatable storytelling. Stranded beautifully describes the feelings of anger and blame after being blindsided by someone you thought you could trust. I think most of us have been through similar experiences and I love how we can feel the raw emotion pouring from his vocal delivery which is enhanced by the warm production. I am particularly fond of the driving beat, catchy synths, airy atmospherics and slight touches of melancholia that overall create a warm atmosphere. Have a listen to this honest piece of music below!



Speaking about the song, William Fitzsimmons said,
'Stranded' was one of the earliest songs written for the Astronaut record, but, like occasionally happens, it didn't seem to fit with the original collection of songs. But I knew it would be a part of the second album for certain. Like many of the songs written for these projects, it's rather angry and blame-ridden, much more so than any earlier song. It's an honest, raw expression of the feeling of being blindsided by someone you thought you could trust.