Welshly Arms Drop New Single ‘Are You Lonely?’

Cleveland six-piece Welshly Arms are back with their brand new single Are You Lonely?, a high-energy piece of indie-pop/rock music out now via Position Music. 
I am loving Sam Getz's passionate vocal delivery and that raspy touch just makes that passion and emotion soar even higher. Are You Lonely? is a song about growing apart from friends and how we wait for someone else to reach out first, resulting in feeling lonely. This relatable message is wrapped around an infectious indie/alt-rock production packed with soaring guitars, punchy drums and a memorable chorus that gives the song an anthemic touch perfect for a fun weekend. 
Accompanying the release, the band have shared its captivating music video, directed by Matt Trainor, which beautifully embodies the song's feel-good, anthemic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Vocalist Sam Getz says on the track,
When we wrote 'Are You Lonely?' we were asking ourselves why have we grown further from our good friends who once felt inseparable? When did we let life get in the way of the good times? Why are we always just waiting for someone else to reach out first? We're tired of waking up everyday feeling empty and alone. We want to feel connected to these people again that make us laugh and lose our minds!”