The Trusted Share New Single ‘Vellichor’

British indie-rock band The Trusted are back with their brand single Vellichor, a bright piece of indie-rock music about the passing of time and dissatisfaction with the trajectory of one's life. 
I think they've written this song for me because just the other day I was thinking about how fast time goes by and how I am not fully happy with my life's journey so far. With Vellichor, The Trusted continue to showcase their ability to create a sound that is as much of today as it is of their heritage, with a cool retro-electro feel throughout. I am loving the bright, pulsing synths that are nicely paired with soaring guitars, punchy drums and tons of bass that create an overall energetic and hazy atmosphere. The powerful and then gentle interchange between the driving rhythm and the refrains serve to showcase the song’s unique lyric, utilising a recently created word Vellichor – here used to encapsulate the sense of the passing of time and dissatisfaction with the trajectory of one’s life. I am also very fond of the touches of nostalgia and how the song sounds perfect for a long drive out in the sun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Songwriter Tom Cunningham said,
This is a song about nostalgia. It’s about using the past as a drug to combat the pains of today. The word ‘vellichor’ means ‘the smell of old bookshops.’ This song has nothing to do with the meaning of the actual word but more with the feeling it creates. Vellichor in this context represents ‘the smell of old emotions and the passing of time.’ The protagonist is unhappy and distraught with the way in which their life has turned out. They are horrified at the new world and long for a different time or a previous life.