Following last month's Until I Found You, Buzzing singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez has just shared his brand single Hold Her While You Can, out now via Republic Records. 
I am a fan of Stephen Sanchez' distinctive tone and how his vocal delivery effortlessly conveys the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Hold Her While You Can is a song about cherishing what we have, enjoying the moment as life doesn't last forever. This is definitely a message I should follow more often as I tend to either dwell on the past or just think about the future, always neglecting the present. Stephen's message is wrapped around a memorable production packed with a breezy, wistful chorus and sun-soaked magnetic melodies. I am loving the intricate guitar riffs that enhance the energy and emotion of his beautifully-written storytelling and how the song has touches of nostalgia. Hold Her While You Can is a beautiful message of appreciating the good moments we spend with the people we love and its warm, uplifting atmosphere makes it perfect for a chill weekend out with friends. Check it out below! 

Speaking about the song, Stephen Sanchez said,
The reality is: life doesn’t last forever and neither do the moments we spend during it. In this case, love is the central focus. ‘Hold Her While You Can’ is all about cherishing what and who you have right in front of you.