Scott Helman Shares New Single ‘Pretty’

Following the release of his angsty anthem Old Friends, Canadian singer and songwriter Scott Helman returns with his brand new single Pretty, is the second track to be released from his forthcoming album, due out next year via Warner Music Canada. 
I am really fond of his smooth vocals and how dynamic and expressive his vocal range is, beautifully capturing my attention to his storytelling. Pretty is a song about finding someone so beautiful that you just want a bit of such beauty to rub off on you. This message is wrapped around genre-bending production with warm rhythms nicely paired with a catchy beat and lovely harmonies that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Scott Helman has just shared its official music video, directed by longtime collaborator Ben Knechtel, which puts him on full display in a pulsating solo performance – experimenting with dazzling makeup and flowing outfits – as he explores and searches for what it takes to feel confident. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Scott Helman said,

This song was a big step for me in exploration and limits. I wanted to take myself as far as I could down the line of ‘uncomfortable’ while still maintaining what feels like me. Ultimately, I thought it was such a special thought – the idea that someone can be so beautiful that you just want a bit of them to become part of you. In that thought, there is so much beauty and humour – the transcendence of traditional gender roles, the flirt, the strangeness. That’s what excited me about our initial demo, and what continues to excite me now.