Sarpa Salpa Unveil New Single ‘Your House’

Northampton-based 4-piece indie pop band Sarpa Salpa are back with their brand new single Your House, an upbeat piece of indie-pop/rock music out now via Well Healed Recordings / AWAL. 
I am loving Marcus' passionate vocal delivery which soars effortlessly over the upbeat production. Your House is a song about the feeling of loss and separation one feels when their relationship is doomed to fail, and how everything you shared with that person stars to feel quite strange to you. People change and Your House tries to depict the aftermath of realising that those changes have pushed you so far apart from your significant other that nothing will ever feel the same again for either of you. This sad message beautifully contrasts the song's upbeat, synth-heavy production that instantly got me in a good mood. Apart from those lush synths, I am particularly fond of the groovy guitars, and epic guitar solo, punchy percussion and how the chorus has an anthemic touch perfect to sing along to. Definitely a song that will get you ready for a fun weekend out with friends. Check it out below!