Sara Diamond Shares New Single ‘Alright’

Following last month's upbeat single Hollywood (U & Me), Canadian singer and songwriter Sara Diamond has just shared her brand new single Alright, an infectious R&B-infused pop song out now via Cyor Sound. 
For this song, Sara Diamond slows things down a notch and sings about all the things she wish she could have said in a past relationship. The song is Sara's way to share what type of relationship she wants in the future and is wrapped around a polished blend of R&B and electronic elements that create the perfect soundscape for her gorgeous, soulful vocals to soar. The song oozes chill, laid-back days and I also find it perfect for some cool bedroom sessions. 
Accompanying the release, Sara Diamond shared its official music video which finds her on the beach, pouring her heart out, which beautifully embodies the song's atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sara Diamond said, 

Honestly, Alright is about all the things I wish I could have said in a past relationship. I have communication issues, and instead of fixing what was wrong, we let the relationship die. Looking back, I would have used more honesty, empathy, and transparency. Alright is a symbol of the type of relationships I hope to have in the future.