Ruby Francis Shares New Single ‘Procrastinate’

London-based singer and songwriter Ruby Francis has just shared her brand new single Procrastinate, the latest single to be taken from her forthcoming album Archives, due to arrive on November 19th via Unity Records. 
I am a fan of Ruby's distinctive, soulful tone which oozes with emotion and warmth, effortlessly drawing the listener's attention to her storytelling. Contrary to what the title may let you suggest, Ruby wrote Procrastinate in only one night. She wanted to talk about mental health, and the cycles of anxiety an artist can feel. This is her most emotional song to date and I think most of us can relate to it. Procrastinate is wrapped around a neo-soul infused R&B production with lush piano keys nicely paired with stunning strings, warm bass and dreamy harmonies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a relaxing, introspective day home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



On her new single, Ruby said:

Procrastinate is really a therapy for me, it’s my most emotional song written to date. We deal with lots of pressure on a daily basis and will put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to “succeed”, which can in turn make us start avoiding what we love the most.