PINEO & LOEB Share New Single ‘Good Vibe Feeling’ ft. FUEG & Ellie Sax

Time to party! Canadian duo PINEO & LOEB team up with NY-based hip-hop artist FUEG and UK saxophonist Ellie Sax for their newest release, Good Vibe Feeling, a genre-bending track that is sure to be the star of any night out. 
Out now via Casual Jam Records, Good Vibe Feeling is packed with tons of energy that is guaranteed to get you dancing in no time. I am loving the infectious sax top-line that is nicely paired with a groovy instrumental and smooth hip-hop vocals. Sampling Canadian disco artist Estiban, PINEO & LOEB reach into the past to find the future which creates appeal for a wide variety of listeners, setting the stage for Good Vibe Feeling to become this fall's party time anthem. If you're into high-energy pieces of Old School House music with a memorable sax and tons of groove, then you'll love this song. 
Accompanying the release, PINEO & LOEB have shared a short video which features 70-year-old dancing queen Andrea Bolley, aka the 6Mom jamming to the track in the streets of LA. Check it out below!