Petticoat Shares Shimmering New Single ‘Singing In The Dark’

Petticoat, the moniker of American singer and songwriter David Halsey, has just shared his brand new single Singing In The Dark, the second single to be taken from his forthcoming sophomore EP Tumbleweed
I am a fan of his smooth vocals and how they flow effortlessly over the upbeat pop production. Singing In The Dark is one of Petticoat's most personal songs yet as it touches upon subjects like his relationship with religion, with his family, lost love and the everyday life. This message is wrapped around a retro, 80's-inspired production packed with bright, shimmering synths that are beautifully intertwined with a catchy beat, killer bass guitar riffs and warm rhythms. The song's memorable, synth-heavy melodies paired with his smooth vocals, create a warm, laid-back atmosphere that makes the song perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Petticoat said, 
Singing In The Dark is a confessional tell-all under a soft synth-pop instrumental. The song reads like a diary entry, touching upon everything like familial concern, my relationship with religion, lost love, and my tired mentality with mundane life. The chorus is a desperate cry for attention, testing to see if the listener even connects or cares (Am I singing in the dark to you? Or is nobody there? Just the silence of an empty room). It’s my most personal and self-aware song yet.