N.O.A.H Share New Single ‘Hands Up’

Irish three-piece band N.O.A.H, consisting of Adam Rooney, Ronan Hynes and Ryan Hill, have just shared their brand new single Hands Up, the latest single to be taken from their debut EP, Echoes Of The Night, out now via Shoreline Records. 
I am really enjoying the vocal delivery and how it is packed with so much confidence, soaring beautifully over the polished alt-rock production. I am particularly fond of the fuzzy, soaring guitar riffs that are beautifully intertwined with punchy percussion and warm atmospherics that create an overall euphoric, feel-good atmosphere that oozes carefree summer days. If you're into energetic pieces of music with lush guitar and drum works and infectious hooks, then you'll love Hands Up. Check it out below!