Neoni Share New Single ‘HORROR MOVIES’

American sisterly duo Neoni have just shared their brand new single HORROR MOVIES, a punchy indie-pop/rock song about the anxiety and stress of being in fearful situations. 
I am loving the gorgeous vocals and how they are packed with so much passion and confidence, effortlessly drawing the listener's attention to their storytelling. HORROR MOVIES is a gloomy, albeit, theatrical, vulnerable and high energy alternative pop banger about the monsters in one's head, struggling with self-doubt and anxiety that can be scarier than anything in horror movies. Apart from their gorgeous vocals I am loving the energetic production packed with a punchy beat, a memorable chorus and infectious melodies that give it a cool touch perfect for Halloween. Check it out below!



SPeaking about the song, The sisters say,
‘HORROR MOVIES‘ is about the monsters in your head feeling way worse than anything anyone’s ever put in a movie. It’s about the anxiety, stress and pressure of being in fearful situations and those feelings getting so much bigger and stronger. Adding monsters and things that go bump in the night, obviously don’t make these fears feel smaller or less scary. We’re not such big fans of horror movies ourselves, but I guess that shows how alike and intense we actually both are, and why we decided to write about them.