Mo Klé Shares New Single ‘Parallel Worlds’

Mo Klé, the moniker of Swiss singer and songwriter René Grünenfelder, has just shared his brand new single Parallel Worlds, the title track of his upcoming album set to arrive on October 29th via Horse Behind A House Records. 
As soon as I heard the steady drums and cool guitars I knew I was in for a treat. Mo Klé's distinctive tone flows beautifully over a highly captivating blend of indie-pop, americana and folk elements that instantly create a warm, feel-good atmosphere for his storytelling to soar. Parallel Worlds aims to reveal how absurd the distance between our own life and the lives of others often seem. We go home and watch TV bored from daily life while others are drowning in oceans on their way to a better life. This powerful message is wrapped around intricate acoustic guitar riffs nicely paired with steady percussion and warm atmospherics that make the song perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!