Megan Nash Share New Single ‘Coffee’

Canadian artist Megan Nash has just shared their brand new single Coffee, the latest single to be taken from their upcoming album, Soft Focus Futures, set to arrive on November 3rd via Acronym.
I am loving the tone of Megan Nash's vocals and this song finds the Saskatchewan singer/songwriter beautifully showcasing their incredible vocal and storytelling abilities over a polished indie-pop production. Coffee is a song about being afraid someone will leave you when they realise you have a mental illness. Apart from those commanding vocals I am particularly fond of the gorgeous guitar works and how they are nicely paired with catchy percussion that creates an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home.
Speaking about the song, Megan Nash said Coffee is a song about,
being afraid that when someone realizes you have a mental illness they will leave. It’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve been with my lyrics so far. Not sure how it will feel to have it out in the world but I was honest with myself when I wrote it in the Fall of 2019 - heartbroken but hopeful, nervous but willing.
Accompanying the release, the Saskatchewan songwriter is revealing the video for the track, directed by Andrew Friesen, which you can check out below!



Speaking about the video, Megan Nash said,
Once again, I am collaborating with the wonderful Andrew Friesen (‘My Own Heart’, ‘Artifact’, ‘Wait’) on a music video. My friends and I filmed footage during the Summer of 2021. We had all these little snippets of friendship and I wanted to tie them all together with some footage of me singing the song. This song is so vulnerable for me. And sometimes being open and vulnerable can just make you feel silly and uncomfortable. I wanted to look like how I feel singing this song. So here it is - a video of a hotdog singing lyrics about being worried that someone will leave them once they find out they have anxiety. Hope you enjoy this video. It's a snapshot into my life and who I am - equal parts serious songwriter and total goofball.