Mason Owens Unveils New Single ‘Coming Down’

British singer and songwriter Mason Owens has just shared his brand new single Coming Down, the latest single to be taken from his sophomore EP, Early Hours, out now via Nifty Records. 
Coming Down is a lovely acoustic guitar-driven song about missing someone, something or somewhere that is no longer here. I am a fan of Mason Owens's lovely, emotive vocals and how they are packed with raw, honest emotion, beautifully connecting us to his storytelling. The acoustic guitars create quite a warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere that I find quite captivating and perfect for a laid-back, introspective day home alone. Coming Down is yet another stunning offer from the singer which continues to showcase his incredible vocals and songwriting skills. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Owens said,
At first, when I was writing this song there was no real intention behind the lyrics. I was exploring a feeling more than anything. But, on the day that I finished the song, one of my good mates’ mother passed away. It was almost like the song was about that, although it wasn’t intentional. It’s like a tribute to her in a way, she was a good woman.