MAED Share New Single ‘With You’ ft. JVST

Swedish songwriting/producing duo MAED have just shared their third single With You, an uplifting piece of Progressive House/EDM featuring fellow artist JVST. 
I am loving the song's energy and how passionate the vocal delivery is, effortlessly conveying the emotion of their relatable storytelling. With You tells a story about reminiscing about love that’s come and gone, drowning yourself in thoughts about ”what if” and why the relationship eventually ended. This message is wrapped around a high-energy Progressive House/EDM production packed with intricate guitar riffs throughout the song which are nicely intertwined with emotive piano chords, killer percussion and warm atmospherics. I am also very fond of the chorus which has an euphoric touch that oozes summer festivals and fun weekends! Definitely a song to get you energised and singing along to it in no time. Check it out below!