Madeleine Rauch Shares New Single ‘Far Away’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Madeleine Rauch has just shared her brand new single Far Away, a warm electro-pop song out now via Sonder House. 
Written and co-produced by Madeleine herself, while living in Berlin, Far Away is a song about the fears and insecurities that come following a breakup, but it also gives the listener a hopeful message for the time after. Madeleine Rauch's soulful and sultry vocals are what drew me towards this song and I love the way her vocal delivery effortlessly connects the listener to her storytelling. 
Far Away is a captivating blend of mesmerising synths with modern R&B beat and silky smooth vocal harmonies that create an overall warm, somewhat hypnotic, atmosphere. This is a song I'd play while home alone with my thoughts or when I just want to unwind after a stressful day, as its melodies have a soothing touch that I really like. Check it out below!