Louis Jarto Shares Vibrant New Single ‘Lighter Than Air’

Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Louis Jarto has just shared his vibrant new single Lighter Than Air, a summery piece of indie-pop music out now via Heatwave:North. 
I am really enjoying Louis Jarto's expressive, passionate voal delivery and how it effortlessly draws the listener's attention to his storytelling, keeping us hooked for the entire song. I am really enjoying the polished production that blurs the lines between different genres, taking elements from electronic, indie and pop music to deliver a vibrant and infectious piece of music that instantly got me in a good mood. Lighter Than Air kicks off with a sweet-sounding guitar melody that immediately sets a chill, summery mood. The guitar riffs are nicely paired with a catchy percussion and warm atmospherics that make this an earworm that sounds perfect for a chill weekend out with friends. Check it out below!