Lauren Dejey Shares New Single ‘Yours’

South London-based singer and songwriter Lauren Dejey has just shared her brand new single Yours, the latest single to be taken from her self-produced debut EP, Kali Ma, out today, October 27th, via Goldun Egg. 
I am a fan of her smooth, breathy vocals which give me some Billie Eilish vibes, especially with the dreamy harmonies soaring effortlessly over the warm production. Produced by Lauren herself, Yours is an introspective RnB ballad about taking back power after someone deeply hurts you. This personal, and relatable, song is wrapped around a memorable production packed with drum machines, delicate piano chords, punchy bass lines and smooth ethereal vocals and harmonies that create an overall dreamy and laid-back atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. I have this song on repeat and I think you'll love it as much as I do. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lauren Dejey said,

‘Yours’ is probably the most personal song I’ve written. There’s part of me that wants to let people take this song and let it be what it will be to them. The other part knows I definitely wrote it for myself as a form of therapy. For me it’s about taking back power after someone deeply hurts you in a way you could never see coming, reclaiming my body and my memories so I can stop blaming myself. I won’t let someone live in my mind, in every moment, taint every memory, I won’t be anyone’s. Sonically this is that journey from start to finish.