Kyle Hume Shares New Single ‘If I Would Have Known’

American artist and producer Kyle Hume has just shared his brand new single If I Would Have Known, an emotive electro-pop song about dealing with loss. 
Originally made in response to a TikTok comment, the song instantly blew up on the platform having reached over 50,000 videos made to it and is now officially released. I am really enjoying how Kyle Hume's vocals are packed with raw emotion, instantly drawing us to his storytelling. Enhancing the emotion pouring from his vocals we have emotive piano chords and a warm, steady beat that create a warm and intimate atmosphere. If I Would Have Known is a song about losing a friend and its goal is to help others that might be dealing with loss, especially over this last year. I am really enjoying the passionate vocals, heartfelt lyrics and warm, emotive melodies that make this song perfect for those days home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!