Keston Cobblers Club Share New Single ‘Find My Way’

British band Keston Cobblers Club, formed of brother and sister duo Matthew and Julia Lowe with school friends Tom Sweet and Harry Stasinopoulos, have just shared their brand new single Find My Way, an upbeat indie-folk anthem out now via Tricolour Records. 
I am loving the "earthiness" of the song and how it is packed with so much emotion, beautifully connecting us to their storytelling. I am particularly fond of Julia and Matthew's vocals and how they fit perfectly together with the raspy touch of Matthew's tone contrasting with Julia's smoother tone. I am a sucker for raspy vocals packed with raw emotion which is enhanced by a polished production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely intertwined with steady percussion and lush horns. The whole song oozes feel-good vibes and its chorus has an anthemic touch that got me singing along to it in no time. Find My Way is a piece of indie-folk music packed with passion, memorable melodies and stunning vocals that will brighten up your day! Check it out below!