Julia Ivory Shares Debut Single ‘To The Bone’

Australian singer and songwriter Julia Ivory makes her official music introduction with the release of her gorgeous debut single To The Bone, a piano-based song out now via Venture Artists. 
To The Bone is a vulnerable piece of music that talks about struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and eating disorders. This is quite a personal song for Julia Ivory as she pours her heart out, sharing with listeners her own struggles with mental health issues and her eating disorder. You can really feel the raw honesty pouring from her evocative vocal delivery and how effortless and relatable her storytelling is. Accompanying her gorgeous vocals is a melancholy-infused piano-based melody that enhances the emotion of her storytelling and creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. To The Bone is Julia Ivory's way to help others feel less alone, that whatever they're feeling is entirely valid and that things do get better with time. Such an impressive and memorable listening experience that I think you will really enjoy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Julia Ivory said,
I gave up on music because I wasn’t enjoying the way I had been coached to perform, I never hated music. I Just didn't know there were other ways to appreciate it. This for me was life changing as I started to try and have this mentality with my mental health and recovery. Going through this journey whilst in recovery was my ticket out of the hell I was living in. I didn’t hate my life, I just had to find the one that was good for me. 
I wrote "To The Bone" sitting at my piano late at night, in the thick of my eating disorder. It was the first piece of music I truly connected with, I poured everything out, without judgement, without pressure...I finally spoke.