Joplyn Shares New Single ‘SEVERA (Daughter Of Fate)’

German upcoming songwriter, vocalist DJ and producer Joplyn has just shared her brand new single SEVERA (Daughter Of Fate), an infectious Melodic Techno & House music out now via Stone Free Berlin. 

One thing that got me excited to share this song with you guys is its old Fado vocal sample, which makes me proud to see a portuguese music style being recognised internationally. SEVERA (daughter of fate) is an homage to Maria Severa, a Portuguese singer and guitarist, claimed to be the first Fado singer and celebrates her impact in Portuguese art and culture. This message is wrapped around a memorable electronic production that combines the Portuguese Fado vocal sample which exclaims pain and emotion, supported by warm synths and strings and a melodic line that mirrors the key element. Joplyn’s own vocals enter and warmly keep the melancholic feeling going, while the new bassline and added drums keep the groove going. 

Apart from the portuguese part I am very fond of Joplyn's smooth vocals, heavy bassline and dramatic synths that enhance the melancholia of the lyrics but still keep that danceable, feel-good vibe of the electronic production. This is definitely a memorable listening experience and I think you will love it as much as I am! Check it out below!