Jenny Kern Shares New Single ‘Alone’

Brooklyn-based, Canadian indie singer-songwriter Jenny Kern has just shared her brand new single Alone, the final song off of her brand new EP, I Never Thought That You Were Listening, out now! 
Alone follows the previously released singles Run and Where Did The Time Go, and beautifully showcases Jenny Kern's talents as a singer and songwriter. I am a fan of Jenny Kern's smooth, expressive vocals which are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting us to her relatable storytelling. One of the most honest songs Jenny Kern has written, Alone is a song about feeling alone and in a dark place, but it shows a positive side of self-discovery while in such situation. This powerful storytelling is wrapped around a polished indie-pop production with warm melodies that create the perfect atmosphere for her vocals and storytelling to soar. I am very fond of the intimate and honest vibe in the song and how it sounds quite natural and effortless, being perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jenny Kern said Alone is,
a song I wrote when I was in the deepest spiral of being alone. I felt like no one was there, no one was listening. With everything going on in the world over the last two years, “Alone” feels like a ritual. It came from a place of hopelessness and it's probably one of the most honest songs I’ve written. It's about self-discovery and searching for meaning in a dark and lonely time.