Jacqueline Loor Shares New Single ‘Show Them’

Following last month's female empowerment anthem I Can Fly, Tenerife-based, American singer and songwriter Jacqueline Loor has just shared her brand new single Show Them, the title track of her debut album, out now! 
This album was inspired by Jacqueline's identical twin sister and aims to help people find their own strength to get out of a toxic relationship they might be in. I am a fan of Jacqueline Loor's powerful vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of her storytelling, and that's no exception in this song. Jacqueline's vocals glide beautifully over the infectious pop melodies and sing about showing the world who we really are, aiming to empower people to be confident and love who they really are. This empowering message is wrapped around a warm production packed with cool guitar riffs that are nicely paired with emotive piano chords and punchy drums that create an overall positive and anthemic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jacqueline Loor said,

‘ Show Them’ was a song I wrote on my own meant to empower people to be who they are. I feel one of the best things I have learned in life is to be who I truly am, instead of who I’m ‘supposed to be.’ I hope this song empowers people to be true to themselves, a message I always try to give my two little girls. I even had them sing on the chorus, which really meant the world to me because so much of what I do is for them. It’s all about a person being who they really are. I’m very big on an individual being who they are instead of trying to conform or being put in a box. I’m a big advocate for people being themselves. I do that especially as a mom: I want all kids to know how beautiful and how perfect they are, and sometimes I do think my twin struggles with self-esteem; she doesn’t realize how amazing she is .